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open studio day @hangar - artistic research center lisbon, october 25th 2022, 6pm

love's labour's lost
@ve.sch, july 7th 2022, 7pm

schwarzes buch, 2 zettelkasten (black book, 2 slip-box)
@fotogalerie wien, january 11th 2022, 7 pm

through your fingers @parallel vienna art-fair, september 7th to september 12th 2021

solo xii - anja nowak @fotogalerie wien, march 8th 2021 to april 17th 2021

vor-bilder – die poesie der dinge @kunstraum super, july 29th 2020 to august 4th 2020

diploma-reading @academy of fine arts vienna, lehárgasse 6-8, 1st floor north, pavillon, march 12th 2020

schwarzes buch, 1 (black book, 1) @1st editionale, book fair, university for applied arts vienna, march 6th 2020 to march 8th 2020
lesung_reading 5 @parallel vienna art-fair, september 5th 2019, 8 pm
lesung_reading 4 @raum 33 (dance company gervasi), july 27th 2019, 8 pm
lesung_reading 3 @sonnenland, july 5th 2019, 6 pm
lesung_reading 2 @studio salon für kunstbuch, may 29th 2019, 7 pm
lesung_reading 1 @in der kubatur des kabinetts fluc, april 10th 2019, 10 pm
the stars look so different tonight @fotogalerie wien, january 28th to march 1st 2019
cutting together apart @LLLLLL, april 19th to may 17th 2018
2=3 @das t/abor, october 17th to october 21st 2017 
rundgang17 @academy of fine arts vienna, january 2017

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