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c u t t i n g   t o g e t h e r   a p a r t

katrin euller & anja nowak


opening april 19th 2018, 7 pm

duration april 20th to may 17th 2018    


„cutting together apart“ is a result as well as an ongoing process of a shared project, which is based on our interest in language, form(-finding), and the questioning of media-related representations. both approaches include a cautious search and trans-/multimedia processing. within this process, questions of readability (of text, images and objects), patterns and displacements are constantly renegotiated and put in relation to each other. the shown works are a beginning of a joint search and an alliance of two accomplices.

in the exhibition „cutting together apart“, the exhibition space has been turned into a maze. somewhere in-between the black strips, which provided the structure for the maze-like space, you will find some small unfired clay objects by katrin euller. they are in different stages of coming to life and decomposition, with forms that remind on basic structures evolving to something yet unknown. like small treasures or props in a game you will find them on the floor. right at the entry of the exhibition space, on the left side, you will find a video piece, „in beziehung zu, 2“ by anja nowak. a circle and another one, touching each other, becoming one, parting again. it is an analogue process, based on a shadow game and an optical illusion, that never reveals its truth. also, the other two works by anja nowak work on the reduced form of the circle. the two pieces „zwei gleiche“ and „in beziehung zu, 1“ seem like copies of each other, they appear as similar images at first glance. only by coming closer and looking precisely, through small details, their completely different ontological structures become visible.

the work „splinters“ by katrin euller is a video, a sound-piece, a poem, a collage, a memory. it imagines a situation beyond a breakdown, where everything is fragmented, traumatized and in pieces. in this, it is unclear and irrelevant, if it is about human beings, environment or machines/ technology – it is indistinguishable. if all information is ripped in pieces, everything has to be rearranged, renegotiated. still, splinters of memories emerge, like flash backs, and the pieces try to communicate. 

photos ©anja nowak

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